Friday 11 January 2019


Random Thought : The Sims Shows Us!

Ini adalah copyan artikel di tumblr saya, ditulis kala semester 1 kuliah, so so an pake Bahasa Inggris. Sengaja saya copy ke sini. Jaga-jaga, kalau tumblr tiba-tiba menghilang. Walaupun tulisannya gak jelas, saya menginvestasikan waktu berjam-jam buat nulis ini. Jadi kan, sayang..

Recently, I’ve been playing the sims 3. Yeah I know that’s kinda lame game but I can’t help to try this game out since I don’t have anything to do now. and the other thing that made me curious about this game is I’ve never play the sims in full extension.

but hey.. I just discovered one thing about this game, it’s teaching me how to live a life. Wanna know why? Okay. Let me explain a bit, but just don’t take it seriously because it’s only my thoughts.

So first of all, every single Sims has a basic needs. (when I say Sims, I mean a human in this game) and so we are. We have lots of needs to be fulfilled. Whatever it takes, we have to fulfiil it to stay happy. What would happen if we just ignore the need? It depends on what kinda need that you ignore. Let just say that I ignore the hunger needs, I didn’t eat anything at all. What will happen to me?  Yes, I may be sick, and into the next level I may be die. Another example, what will happen when I start avoiding people and don’t socialize with people? I’d feel lonely, or maybe desperate.


Secondly, this game show me that we can’t treat people in the same way. Okay, in The Sims you have to socialize with people in your town. Having a lot of friends will make you live a life easier. But to be a friend with someone, you have to take your time. You always start with a stranger. So what would you do to make them to be a friend? Okay. Every single person has a different habit, trait, likes, and dislikes, so it’s no way you can treat them in the same way. What you need to do is : get to know what their like or dislike. It’ll help you a lot. When you know what their into, you’re gonna know what topic you could bring into your chitchat or what joke you could use, or maybe in next level you could know what will you give when their birthday. 

Another thing about treating person, it can be different when you treat a stranger and your best friend (yeah of course!). I could say that I tried “brag, hug,  ” to stranger and it made my relationship with her going worse. He thought that I’m creepy and do such an inappropriate thing. But I tried the same thing to my best friend, and it just made my relationship stronger. So, with your bestfriend you can do anything creepy, disgusting, annoying without made your relationship going worse (but of course, flirting with you boyfriend’s bestfriend doesn’t count!).


Thirdly, let’s talk about a career track! Yeah every Sims must have a job, especially men. In the first time, when you created your Sims, you chose what your dream or what your final goal. So, every little thing you do in your life must be a part of your step to reach your goal. There’s lot of goals you could choose. It depends on what kinda career you’re into, such as in a music or journalism, political, law enforcement, culinary, military, etc. 

For example, when you chose political to be your carreer, you’re start from being a Podium Polisher. You have to take 10 promotions to be in the top of your career. In political, level 10 would make you become a Leader of The Free World. But to have a promotions, you can’t just doing a job like everyone else. You have to show people that you have a high quality, that you have lot of skills. For example, in political career, you must have a “Charisma, Mood, Boss, and Funding” skills to have a promotion. Yeah righ? Just like in a real life. 

There’s lot of people out there, and the choice is stay same with them in the low level without having a pressure and effort to be better than them, or you could try harder over and over again no matter what it takes to be in the higher level of your career.



Actually, there’s lot of another things that I wanna share you about Sims but I think you know that I’m kinda stuck in my worldly ways, so I’m gonna tell you another time. I gotta go, see ya!

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